ACES Amstel Course

Due to the COVID pandemic, no dates are known for the course yet. As soon as more is known, we will mention it here.

The Amstel river has been a vital part of the Netherlands since the Middle Ages and its steady currents have been supplying Amsterdam with water and transportation for over 800 years.

The AMSTEL (Amsterdam Sports Trauma Elbow) course is a full 2 day course with a diversity of simultaneous modules with lectures, cadaver labs, interactive case discussions and demo’s on surgical technique, ultrasound and physical examination.
As ‘elbow work is teamwork’ this course aims for orthopedic- or trauma surgeons, plastic surgeons, sports-physicians, radiologists, rehabilitations doctors, fysio- and hand therapists, P.A.s and trainees of al above mentioned specialties.

The AMSTEL course facilitates you, and your team, to know ‘the state of art’ in the work-up and treatment of trauma- and sport-related pathology of the elbow.
Our faculty is highly experienced and are (inter)national experts in the field.
We believe AMSTEL to be an unique concept, which further improves the care of patients with elbow related pathology. Moreover it is located in one of the top European skills-centers; the brand new Amsterdam Skills Centre.

We are looking forward to meet you in November 2021 in Amsterdam!

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