ACES knee course

Due to the COVID pandemic, no dates are known for the course yet. As soon as more is known, we will mention it here.

This one-day Knee Prosthetics course is intended for third or fourth year assistants in training to become orthopedic surgeons.

During the course, three educational formats are used: tutorials, group discussions and practical exercises.

The aim of the course is:

  • Becoming familiar with biomaterials, design characteristics and related functional and biomechanical implications in relation to long-term results.
  • Gaining knowledge about approaches, releases and handling of complications.
  • Demonstrate surgical technique for access surgery, medial, lateral and posterior release, tuberosity osteotomy, etc.
  • Evaluate clinical results and discuss individual patient problems.
  • Active participation in discussion of problem cases.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the course this year is organized as follows:

From March 5, 2021:
an online section, with short tutorials on each topic, to preview / study

March 12, 2021:
a life online session, with instructions, case discussions, breakout sessions in small groups under the supervision of the faculty

March 19, 2021:
cadaver practice session in small groups, Corona-proof