Preparations for the whole of life are in full swing. In addition to data being implemented in the technical staff, changes were also made to the surrounding teams.

As a club doctor, Niels Wijne is also the head of the medical staff. The 52-year-old Wijne has been a familiar face in sports for years, but certainly at Ajax. From 2006 he was responsible for sports medical care in the youth academy and then moved on to the first team. From 2012-2016 he has been the helm of the medical staff of FC Utrecht.

Pim van Dord, head of medical staff, will take up another position within the medical staff. Maikel van Wijk, will also continue to work for the first team.

Alessandro Schoenmaker is new to the staff at Ajax and comes from Anderlecht. Schoenmaker previously worked at FC Utrecht, FC Twente, Internazionale and Crystal Palace and focuses on the fitness of the players in the A-selection and of Young Ajax. Bjorn Rekelhof becomes head of performance.

Maarten Gozeling becomes the head of physical therapy. He has extensive experience in top sport, has worked for years at other AZ and the last 3 years at PSV.

Broad function
For Wijne, Rekelhof and Gozeling, their position is club variety, so both youth and professional football.

The reason for the changes is to give more impulse to individualization and a more uniform working method for youth and professional football.

Closer co-operation
As part of Ajax and the Amsterdam UMC further intensify their collaboration. The science and care surrounding the players of Ajax will be AMC in collaboration with the Department of Academic Center for Evidence-based Sports Medicine (ACES). ACES is led by Prof. Kerkhoffs (orthopedist), Prof. Maas (radiologist) and Mr Jorstad (cardiologist).