General Session 1
8:30-10:15Introduction & Welcome
Lecture 1: anatomy and biomechanics

Lecture 2:  physical examination of the elbow: sense and nonsense

Lecture 3: 360 overview pathology of the elbow:

Mr: medial, Mrs: Lateral, Miss: Anterior, Mr: posterior

10:15-10:45Coffee Break
Session 2a: parallel session
Parallel session


Group A: physical examination:

How to perform

Session 3
14:00-15:30– Radiology of the elbow:

Clinical pathology and radiology:

Radiological anatomy of the elbow; normal varieties mistaken for pathology

15:30-16:00Tea break
16:00-17:30Session 4a:

E-learning Computer course

(Anatomy-Radiology-Surgery) and tendinopathy

‘Meet the Team’

Day 2
8:30-9:15Session 5a/b/c/d

Fractures of the distal humerus:

Interactive case discussion

09:15Short coffee break
9:30-10:00Session 6

-Plating: 90 or 180 degrees…:where is the evidence

-Stiffness after fracture of the distal humerus

10:00-12:30Wetlab I (OK)

-paratricipital approach

-osteotomy olecranon

-plating distal humerus

-ulnar nerve handling

Session 7a/b/c/d
13:00-13:40Interactive case discussion; focus on distal biceps
13:40-14:00Session 8

-Exposure distal biceps: 1 or 2 incisions?

-How to prevent complications in biceps surgery

14:00Short tea break and change to wet lab
14:10-16:00Wetlab II Session 4
16:00-16:30Wrap-up during drinks

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