Ankle and foot injuries

Anke and foot injuries

An exact diagnosis for every injury

Foot and Ankle injuries are often seen in (elite) athletes. This is not remarkable given that almost every sport has great impact with high loads on your feet. The ankle and foot consist of 26 bones, 33 joints, 107 ligaments, and 19 muscles. The foot and ankle are is controlled by intrinsic foot muscles as well as long tendons and muscles that find their origin in the lower leg. Conditions that we help to treat include both acute and chronic injuries and range from the common lateral ankle sprain, to more rare entities like stress fractures and osteochondral lesions. For every injury we strive for an exact diagnosis.

Tailor-made treatment protocol

Experienced hands will perform a thorough physical examination. In addition, we are able to embed high-end musculoskeletal imaging including specific foot and ankle X-ray, MRI, (weight-bearing) CT and ultrasound. For every injured athlete there is a tailor-made treatment protocol based on the best available scientific evidence and the individual athlete’s characteristics. Every athlete is unique, with both specific wishes and requirements.

A patient-centered team approach

ACES stands for a patient-centered team approach. Whether the injury requires non-surgical or surgical treatment is based on shared decision-making with the athlete and the multidisciplinary sports specialized team. This usually included an orthopedic surgeon, sports medicine physicians, physiotherapists and musculoskeletal radiologists. The consultation of athletes extends beyond their career. Post-traumatic problems such as joint degeneration are in expert hands as well at ACES. We are excited to meet you and your team, learn from you, inform you and help you with our team.