Basketball players for calf muscle research

Orthopaedic Surgery basketball players

At the Academic Medical Center Amsterdam, the department of Orthopaedic Surgery is looking for basketball players (male and female) that would like to participate in scientific research to assess the efficacy of calf exercises on performance and the prevention of muscle injury.

As an athlete you want to improve performance and reduce the risk on injury. Former research has shown that an increase in calf muscle force can positively change the jumping height. With the application of a novel MRI technique, the researchers would like to visualize muscle characteristics to understand the mechanism of preventive exercises on muscle morphology in the calf muscles.

What does participation mean?
When the basketball player is contacted by the researchers a first MRI scan and intake is scheduled. The player is then randomized into one of the three groups: Interventiongroup A (Alfredson’s eccentric heel drop), Interventiongroup B (Concentric heel raise) or in a controlgroup (no intervention). The intervention period will take 12 weeks following an individual exercise plan. These exercises will cost no longer than 3 times 15 minutes per week. Travel expenses are reimbursed.

The exercises can be easily executed on the stairs or on a small elevation. If you are a female or male basketball players, 16 years or older, curious and excited to participate in this research? Sign up and let us know by sending an e-mail to or sign up via our website!