Puzzle cases

ACES is well known and recognized for solving so-called ‘puzzle cases’. We use the term puzzle cases for athletes who suffer from a pain or injury that has been very difficult to diagnose. We love to take up the professional challenge to help solve the athletes’ problem and come up with a correct diagnosis and a plan to get better.

Puzzle Cases

A broad multidisciplinary team of specialists

In these specific patients we work from a specific protocol aiming to decipher the case in question. Every case is intensively prepared with a keen eye for detail in a broad multidisciplinary team of specialists consisting of, but not limited to, orthopaedic surgeons, sports medicine physicians, (musculoskeletal) radiologists, (sports-)physiotherapists, athletic trainers and mental health specialists. The composition of the exact team is highly dependent on the specific case. The team decides in a collaborative manner which specific high-end musculoskeletal imaging needs to be performed, and which specialist is most suited to make the primary steps towards the solution and its personalized care.

We take the challenge

In a very select number of patients, it can prove to be very difficult to get all the information right. At ACES, we can assure you that we are vigorous and persistent in the sense that we provide our utmost efforts to unravel the case, and will always take up the challenge to put the final piece of your puzzle.