Karperien, H. B. J. (2016). William Hunter Revisited: Activating intrinsic cartilage repair to restore joint homeostasis: TTW Technology Foundation: Perspectief.

Programmaleider: Prof.dr. H.B.J. Karperien, Universiteit Twente
Deelnemers: AMC Amsterdam, ArthroSave, BioVolt, Erasmus MC, Hy2Care, IBIS Technologies, InGell Labs, LifeTec Group, Maastricht UMC+, Percuros, QVQ Holding, Radboudumc, Reumafonds, SSens, TETEC, UMC Utrecht, Universiteit Twente, Universiteit Utrecht, Waters, Zimmer Biomet

ACES team is proud to be part of the consortium .Together with Maastricht UMC+, Waters and Zimmer Biomet Gabrielle Tuijthof in her affiliation with AMC Amsterdam and Zuyd University of Applied Sciences will take part in project 6 which aims patien tprofiling by point of care analysis of local tissues.