Our team participates in sports and scientific associations, rehabilitation centers and medical courses


Who we are

ACES is a Dutch center for evidence based sports medicine. It is a unique collaboration of medical specialists of the Academic Medical Center (AMC) Amsterdam, The Sports Physician Group, associated researchers and medical professionals.

ACES provides world-class multidisciplinary medical care for athletes, conducts elite level innovative research and stimulates knowledge translation through educational programs.


ACES was founded by:

  • Gino Kerkhoffs, orthopedic surgeon (AMC)
  • Niek van Dijk, orthopedic surgeon (AMC)
  • Mario Maas, skeletal radiologist (AMC)
  • Simon Goedegebuure, sports physician (Sports Physician Group)
  • Claire Verheul, sports physical therapist and human movement scientist (ManualFysion)
  • Jan de Wolde (AMC)